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The Fortis 79 group is comprised of former students of the graduating class of Kingston College in 1979, in Jamaica, West Indies. The word "Fortis" is Latin and is the opening of our motto above. Loosely translated it means "The brave may fall but never yield". It's a motto that we have lived by for more than three decades.

The goal of Fortis 79 is to maintain that strong bond that was formed beginning in 1974 when most of us began our studies at KC. While having fun and keeping the connections strong, Fortis 79 is a subset of the larger "KC Old Boys Associations" (KCOBA) across the world that maintains continuous support for the future development of Kingston College.

This Group was formed to bring together all 1979 graduates of Kingston College. Hence our annual reunion held the 3rd week-end in June, venue to be announced January of each year. Also proceeds from reunions are used to support KC.

Reunion 2016

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"Fire burns wood but tempers Steel"


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